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Zip Wall Mounted Over-Sink Instant Boiling Water Zip Wall Mounted Over-Sink Instant Boiling Water
Zip Hydroboil & Autoboil systems are a perfect solution for the office or kitchen environment. 
Zip Hydroboil is the world's most widely used and most widely specified Instant Boiling Water Heater. The most popular Hydroboil systems are the 3.0, 5.0 and 7.5 litre capacity models.  These models are now equipped with a unique safety lock that prevents boiling water from being dispensed inadvertently. From an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) point of view this is a major benefit compared with other wall mounted instant boiling water heaters. Designed to operate within one degree of boiling point the Hydroboil's patented Twin Chamber technology separates boiling water from incoming cold water to ensure constant delivery of boiling water. To conserve energy it also recycles steam to pre-heat incoming cold water and the two way "Cool Touch" safety tap, available on 3.0 to 7.5 litre models reduces heat loss through the tap by at least 20%. Every Zip Hydroboil is equipped with either a 5 micron or sub micron triple action filter so hot beverages taste so much better than those available from vending machines. The result - an energy efficient kitchen appliance that provides boiling water at the touch of a tap for great tasting hot beverages.Zip Hydroboil is available in six models with capacities from 3.0L to 40 litres.
Zip Autoboil is designed to provide instant boiling water for office, kitchens, canteens and restaurants. Like the Zip Hydroboil, it is designed to operate within one degree of boiling point. It has patented Twin Chamber technology that separates the boiling water from incoming cold water to ensure constant delivery of boiling water. It also conserves energy by recycling steam to pre-heat incoming cold water. The Autoboil is equipped with a classic two way safety tap and 5 micron or sub micron triple action filters are available as an option to provide better tasting hot beverages.
It is available in a range of capacities from 1.5L to 40L.


All Zip units are to be installed by a qualified tradesperson in accordance with manufacturers instructions and AS/NZS 3500 plumbing and AS/NZS 3350 wiring regulations

Location:   The zip hydroboil should be installed over a draining board, or over a work top fitted with a drip tray - tap spout should be no higher than necessary to fill large pots. Minimum tap height above drainng board for on-wall maintenance is 200mm. Leave minimum clearance of 150mm above, 65mm left and 20mm right.

Plumbing:   Designed for direct connection to a potable cold water supply with a minimum pressure of 70kPa and a maximum pressure of 700kPa. A 350kPa pressure reducing valve must be installed if water supply pressure is likely to exceed 700kPa. An Isolating valve should be installed between the water supply and the heater. For concealed plumbing connections, connect inlet and vent pipesfrom the rear via 12.7mm capillary elbows. For exposed plumbing connections, connect inlet and vent pipes from the bottom directly to 12.7mm compression fittings with nuts and olives provided.

Venting:    The vent must discharge to a safe visible position as, under certain conditions, the vent may discharge cold or boiling water and/or steam. The vent pipe outlet must be connected via a tun-dish to a 12.7mm OD copper vent pipe which has a continuos fall, is no more than 3 metres long, and has no more than 3 right angle bends.

Electrical:    To be connected to a 10amp GPO 220V-240V AC power supply. For concealed electrical connection, connect a fixed or flexible cable from the rear directly to the terminal block. External power point and switch should be within 1.5m reach from the unit.

Caution: In some hard water areas where mineral scale accumulation can become a problem, consideration should be given to the maintenance required. A suitable form of water treatment may benecessary.

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